Each student selects one of the following classes that meet Monday through Saturday. Class selection may be made on Student Registration Day (check-in). Our faculty will assist you with your selection. (High School credit may be earned when enrolled in the full four-week program)            ENROLL!

  • Theory I
  • Theory II
  • Theory III
  • Harmony I
  • Harmony II
  • Composition and Arranging
  • Conducting
  • Improvisation (Jazz Students)
  • Music Production*


*Music Production class teaches modern engineering techniques including recording, mixing and mastering, sound design, using midi instruments, and learning to use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Students will compose and produce their own music throughout the class and participate in group projects. Course requirements: you must pass a Theory test and have a laptop or tablet with a Digital Audio Workstation (ie Garageband, Logic, etc.)