“A huge thank you is not nearly enough to express the gratitude we have to all of you for making this summer’s camp experience so very special for our sons….You provide an environment for children to learn, explore, express, take risks and mature musically without fear. It is their safe haven each summer to retreat to with other like-minded, passionate musicians in an environment that is encouraging and supportive all the while demanding compassion, respect, love and commitment….Thank you simply isn’t enough to express our deepest gratitude.”                                                               Parent – Summer 2014

“I am amazed how being in the right environment makes such a difference. My daughter is attending once again this summer, this time bringing a flute playing friend from her school; they wish to be roommates.”
Parent – Eastchester, NY – Summer 2019

“I have never seen Tom so happy! He loved living on the campus and learned so much in a short time. Everyone is friendly and supportive.”                   Parent – Paris, France

“As a professional musician in New York City for 30 years, a business owner and an educator, I’ve had the good fortune of being involved with many music camps over the years. Eastern U.S. Music Camp is absolutely one of the finest anywhere in the world. The quality of instruction and overall experience for the students is second to none.”                                                                                                                                                                  Michael Davis – International recording artist –  Founder – Hip-Bone Music

 “I look forward to this coming summer. I play with much more technique and enjoy my instrument so much more. I had the greatest time and felt comfortable at all times.”
Student – Croydon, PA

“Because of the variety of ensembles offered and the professional staff, I learned more than I ever expected. I was placed first chair when returning to school this fall, thanks to all of my experiences in challenging performing groups and private lessons this summer.”
Student – Princeton, NJ

“I am better prepared for college after Eastern U.S. Music Camp.”
Student – Garrett Park, MD

“My daughter, Rose, had such a wonderful time last summer. From the first day, she felt like she belonged and said how she was so challenged in the ensembles and major groups. She gained confidence and respect from her peers.”
Parent – West Hempstead, NY

“Andrea grew in so many ways (and she says theory “helps with everything”). The final concert was spectacular. She was thrilled to become principal in our Youth Orchestra upon returning from Music Camp. Thank you for such a productive and fun summer.”
Parent – Wallingford, CT

“Being at Colgate has been the highlight of all my summers. I became a better musician and made many friends. I will never forget what a beautiful place Colgate is and the caring faculty.”
Student – Barcelona, Spain

“I think about the Camp all the time, it was amazing; I was very happy there; my musicianship improved.”
Student – Paris, France

“I am writing to thank you for another spectacular year. I enjoyed all of the people I met, the conductors, faculty, and the positive atmosphere your Camp has. It is a challenge to work with new people and always so much fun. I never dreamed camp could be so much fun. I didn’t get much time to express my thanks, so thank you very much for a very special experience.”
Student – Boston, MA

“As an educator, I am amazed how powerful your faculty and the Camp experience have been to my son. You have my deepest gratitude!!”
Parent, Assoc. Professor – Texas A&M University

“Richard called us and never stopped telling how much he is learning! He would like to extend his private lessons into the final two weeks. Thanks for such a meaningful camp experience! It couldn’t have been nicer.”
Parent – Teaneck, NJ

“The wonderful thing about EUSMC is that it has exposed Alex to other school musicians, kids who truly love music and that has motivated and inspired him. Our school is small and there are not many kids who enjoy music as much as he does. So thanks! See you next July.”
Parent – Short Hills, NJ

“The lessons I learned at Eastern U.S. Music Camp were instrumental in my future success… in music and in my case, business. I learned to expect the best out of myself. I learned that I could accomplish more than I ever thought I could. I learned to absolutely love good music. I made friends and had fun!”
Former Student – New York, NY

“I was traveling through New Britain High School in CT and saw your poster in the school. It brought back memories. I want to thank you for all you have made opportune to me. Camp was a time where I grew musically and become more confident in myself! I will never forget what a wonderful time I had.”
Former Student – Miami, FL

“I can’t wait for next summer!”

“The atmosphere inspired my son to work harder. This is what I was hoping would happen… Music Camp is by far the best investment I ever made!”
Parent – Arlington, VA

“My parents wanted to stay at the Camp themselves when they saw the beautiful campus and school. I loved my entire stay, I learned so much!”
Student – New York, NY

“I must tell you I was impressed not only with the musicianship of the Camp, but also with the courtesy and self-discipline that was prevalent throughout my stay. I now have the answer when asked, “What is the best summer camp for my son or daughter?”
Fred “Moe” Snyder, Trombone Artist / Clinician

“As a Foreign Service Officer living in Beijing, China, I was looking for a summer music camp for my 15-year-old daughter Gabrielle. By chance, I saw an ad for the Eastern U.S. Music Camp and contacted Mr. & Mrs. Brown. They were extremely attentive and responsive to any concerns we had because my daughter would be doing this on her own while we remained overseas. As it turned out, she was ecstatic about the experience, felt it had tremendously improved her oboe playing and is already planning to return next summer. My only regret is that I didn’t know about Eastern US Music Camp before.”
Father and U.S. Ambassador – Beijing, China

“I had fantastic private violin lessons with Mr. Zaplatynsky. My tone improved so much in a short time. I am so glad I came here.”
Student – New Rochelle, NY

“My private teachers are great. I am learning so much.”
Student – Danbury, CT

“I don’t know what it is about this place, everyone loves it here.”
Student – Cranford, NJ

“Best experience! We recommend Eastern U.S. Music Camp to everyone. Once every six weeks my friends from camp get together for a reunion. We have a great time together.”
Student – Cherry Hill, NJ

“This place is too epic to leave behind. I had to stay the entire four weeks!”
Student – Short Hills, NJ

“Best four weeks of my life! I perform with much more confidence and had a spectacular time!”
Student – Potomac, MD