Concerts at Eastern U.S. Music Camp

Performing Groups

Each of the following groups rehearses Monday through Saturday and performs a new program of music each week in a public concert or recital:

  • Symphonic Band* – open to all competent wind and percussion players.
  • Symphony Orchestra* – open to all competent string players (with percussion and wind players selected by audition). Symphonic works of all periods are performed.
  • Wind Ensemble* – a select ensemble.
  • Concert Choir – required of all students. Choral works representing all periods of composition are presented.
  • Jazz Ensemble I* – open to all competent players.
  • Jazz Ensemble II* – open to all competent players.
  • Jazz Combo I* – advanced; audition required.
  • Jazz Combo II* – no audition required.
  • Vocal Jazz Choir – features modern choral arrangements accompanied by a complete rhythm section.
  • Chamber Orchestra – open to all string players.
  • Small String Ensembles – open to all string players; audition determines level of ensemble.
  • Chamber Choir – open to all.
  • Contemporary Rock Ensemble I & II 
  • Piano Ensembles
  • Guitar Ensembles (Rock, Blues, Jazz & Classical Guitar & Bass Guitar)

Performing Groups at Eastern U.S Music Camp

*Auditions for Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble & Symphony Orchestra (Woodwind & Brass players only) will take place on Monday evening during Week 1 and Sunday evening during Weeks 2 & 3. The audition for Symphonic Band (all sections) is for seating only. Placement in Jazz Ensemble I or II and Jazz Combo I will be determined during Jazz Ensemble II rehearsal on Monday of each week.

String seating for Symphony Orchestra will be determined during the String Sectional on Monday of each week.

Percussion assignments for various ensembles are made on Monday during Percussion Ensemble.

AUDITION MUSIC: in addition to a short prepared piece that demonstrates your level of musicianship, you will be given music to sight read.

“I must tell you I was impressed not only with the musicianship of the Camp, but also with the courtesy and self-discipline that was prevalent throughout my stay. I now have the answer when asked, “What is the best summer camp for my son or daughter?”
Fred “Moe” Snyder, Trombone Artist / Clinician

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