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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some special features of your program?

  • Each student is able to design their own schedule, participate in several groups and on more than one instrument and/or voice, all for one fee.
  • Weekly concerts featuring new music each week and student recitals provide frequent performance opportunities.
  • Supervised sports, recreational, and social activities are an integral part of the summer.
  • The faculty members are committed to excellence while maintaining a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.
  • The Colgate campus is beautiful and its facilities are among the finest in the country.

Do I have to audition to be accepted into the program?

No audition is required to enroll! Please visit our Performing Groups, Ensembles and Daily Schedule pages for more information.

Can I pick the ensembles and classes I want to participate in?

Yes, you are able to design your own schedule, participate in several groups and on more than one instrument and/or voice.

Please visit our Performing Groups, Ensembles and Daily Schedule pages for more information.

Each student also selects one class that meets Monday through Saturday. If needed, assistance with your schedule is offered by our faculty during Registration on your first day. Changes to the schedule you designed before arriving to Colgate can also be made at that time.

Where do students live?

Resident students are housed in modern college dormitories (Boys’ & Girls’) on the Colgate University Campus. Most students live in double rooms, but some may be in triple rooms.

How are roommates selected?

We assign students to rooms by gender and age. Rooms are also grouped by age on the floors, when possible.

Can I take private lessons?

Yes, private lessons are scheduled once weekly and are optional (1/2-hr: $45.00; 1-hr: $90.00). More than one lesson per week can be scheduled and on more than one instrument/voice, if desired.

How do I sign up for private lessons?

You may sign up for private lessons when you receive the Information Packet & forms in early May, or during Registration upon arrival.

Can a student pick more than one instrument/voice to study?

Yes, more than one private lesson per week can be scheduled.

When is Recreation?

Organized recreational activities are scheduled on evenings when concerts, recitals, guest-artist performances, master classes, or workshops are not scheduled. You also have the option of designing your schedule to include recreational activities in the afternoon. ALL activities are organized and supervised by the counseling staff.

When does a student practice?

During free time during the day or in the evening. You may practice in your room in the Music Dormitory or in practice rooms located in Dana Arts Center.

Do students have to walk long distances on the Colgate campus for rehearsals, classes, meals, etc.?

No, all of the facilities the Eastern U.S. Music Camp utilizes on the Colgate campus are a short walking distance from each other.

Do you offer vegetarian and special needs options at the dining hall?

Yes, in addition to the regular menus prepared by Chartwells food service, a healthy variety of vegetarian and vegan options are offered at every meal. Meals for special diets are also available upon request at no additional cost. Chartwells is recognized nationally as a leading contract food service provider serving healthy, nutritious and delicious meals by skilled culinarians.

Are the students supervised?

The health and safety of the students and staff are a top priority at Eastern U.S. Music Camp. Students are supervised 24/7 by certified, experienced music faculty and carefully selected and qualified counselors. Counselors reside on the same floors with students in the dormitories and are readily available at all times for assistance and support in any way. The EUSMC program has been inspected and certified every year by the New York State Department of Health for 44 years.

What are the travel options for students to arrive at the Colgate University campus and EUSMC?
Air travel: Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, New York (contact Colgate-on-Demand Shuttle service for dropoff to Dana Arts Center on campus)
Bus from New York City:  Port Authority bus service is available with drop-offs on the Colgate campus twice daily (trip takes around 4.5 hours)
Auto: See the Information Letter sent to all registered student.
For more, visit the Colgate University website – Student Travel Agency: Colgate University (Colgate-on-Demand Shuttle Service)
When is the deadline to enroll?

There is no enrollment deadline; however, we accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum enrollment of 150 students per session.

If you have further questions, please contact us anytime.

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