Daily Schedule – Voice

You design your own schedule! Here is a typical daily schedule for a vocalist (Monday-Saturday). Please see the Daily Master Schedule for more scheduling options if you wish to combine an instrument(s) as part of your individualized program…all for one fee!

7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Classes (select one): Theory I, Theory II, Theory III, Harmony I, Harmony II, Composition & Arranging, Conducting, Improvisation (Jazz Students), Music Production
9:30 am Vocal Workshop
10:30 am Concert Choir (entire camp participates)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Practice time or Recreation
2:30 pm Chamber Choir, practice time or Recreation
3:30 pm Vocal Jazz Choir, practice time or Recreation
4:30 pm Practice time or Recreation
5:30 pm Dinner
Evening Special Performances & Workshops | Social or Recreational Activities
Wednesdays (7:30 pm): Camp Recital (Solos and Ensembles)
Saturdays (8:00 pm): Concert (Groups & Ensembles)
Sundays (3:00 pm): Concert (Groups & Ensembles)                                         See Concert & Recital Schedule for details!– Private lessons by professional staff are offered once weekly ($75/hr; $40/half hr). Lessons may also be taken on an instrument.