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Daily Schedule – Guitar & Bass Guitar

You design your own schedule! Here is a typical daily schedule for a guitarist or bass guitarist (Monday-Saturday). Please see the Daily Master Schedule for more scheduling options if you wish to combine more than one instrument or participate in vocal groups as part of your individualized program…all for one fee!

7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Classes (select one): Theory I, Theory II, Theory III, Harmony I, Harmony II, Composition & Arranging, Conducting or Improvisation (Jazz Students), Music Production
9:30 am Guitar Workshop
10:30 am Concert Choir (entire camp participates)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Jazz Combo I*, Contemporary Rock Ensemble II, practice time or Recreation
2:30 pm Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Combo II* or Recreation
3:30 pm Jazz Ensemble II*, practice time or Recreation
4:30 pm Jazz Ensemble I*, Classical Guitar duets, Contemporary Rock Ensemble I, practice time or Recreation
5:30 pm Dinner
Evening Special Performances & Workshops | Social or Recreational Activities
Wednesdays (7:30 pm): Camp Recital (Solos and Ensembles)
Saturdays (8:00 pm): Concert (Major Groups & Ensembles)
Sundays (3:00 pm): Concert (Major Groups & Ensembles)                                         See Concert & Recital Schedule for details!


Various levels of ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced):

  • Private lessons (optional: once or twice weekly – $90/hr; $45/half hr)
  • Jazz-Rock-Classical-Blues styles
  • Finger board harmony
  • Sight reading – all levels
  • Chordal concepts, including chord construction starting with soprano voiced chord forms
  • Improvisation – all levels
  • Right-hand picking techniques
  • Left-hand coordination and facilitation techniques

(The above is subject to each student’s individual needs and abilities)

*Placement in Jazz Ensemble I or II and Jazz Combo I will be determined during Jazz Ensemble II rehearsal on Monday of each week.

AUDITION MUSIC: in addition to a short prepared piece that demonstrates your level of musicianship, you will be given music to sight read.

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